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Angel Vergara Belle Femme au miroir, Videoprojection, pencil on canvas Contact: Also check out info and images in the category "exhibitions" and click on "past".

Angel Vergara and the art of being nomad Angel Vergara jackpot paradise from everyday life and redirects the art back to it. Between art and life a perfect, though incomplete cross-breeding takes place. Exactly in this gap Vergara poses playful and casino toulouse supermarché questions about the world casino toulouse supermarché the world of art. The modest shops opened by the Brussels artist are not merely casino toulouse supermarché décor.

During a certain time they really function as businesses. Time and place are also accurately indicated within the paintings. This doesn't mean however they would be boundened in space and time. This art is nomad. Angel Vergara lives and works everywhere. For casino toulouse supermarché way of being nomad Vergara has found an excellent solution.

Covered with a white canvas, as a portable studio, he draws and paints in the caesars slots casino of street life. Sometimes he stretches this canvas afterwards as an exhibition space for the little paintings. Angel Vergara, born in in Mieres in Spain, grew up in the poor districts of Brussels.

His art is nourished with the common, the poor as well, but above all hotel gran casino everyday casino tragamonedas gratis online nuevas. Herefore the street provides an excellent working space.

Casino toulouse supermarché some of the works Vergara appears as 'Straatman', 'L'homme des rues' Streetmanfor example as a vendor under the white sheet. The elitarist isolation, so cherished by the arts, is broken. The seclusion of the studio, to cultivate the own individuality, is being sidestepped. By the middle of the eighties he often walked with his paintings mounted on a stick into exhibition openings.

It seemed a peaceful protest march in the click the following article of the official art scene. Meanwhile his paintings appear in the galleries and his actions go abroad, till in Japan.

Under a white canvas Angel Vergara sets himself casino toulouse supermarché the centre of life but remains protected in a subtile way as well. Painting seems to be a public performance, but it is done in all anonymity and seclusion. In this way he somehow meets the romanticism of wandering painters of the 19th century.

The primitive hiding place looks a bit like a tent, but also reminds one of a ghost or an angel, the messenger - Angel. The entire symbolic of the veil casino toulouse supermarché put into it. It click here to the black canvas of the photographers and is above all an instrument to register reality.

However there is no objective registration. The painter himself appears strangely in the image of the city, almost like a living sculpture, although he's not a work of art himself.

It's about a reflection on the art of painting: In this studio he can withdraw into himself. The artist likes to compare his art of working with Courbet, the pioneer of realism and social consciousness within the visual arts, who presented all stratums in his studio. Logbooks With the sheet as a filter, that lets through a very beautiful light, the perception of the world becomes a mental experience. Time is experienced in casino toulouse supermarché direct manner. Exact time indications are casino toulouse supermarché noted on the paintings.

They are an accumulation of time, time that transfers the little events to a more universal context. In fact Angel Vergara practises casino toulouse supermarché documentary, descriptive art of painting. The graphic notes are like a topography of a casino toulouse supermarché place within a certain time span. It is as if they form a logbook, of which the notes in the studio sometimes are shifted to large paintings.

At first sight these are chaotic compositions, hard to decipher, with a network of lines, contours of objects, names, hours and minutes written down Sometimes the silhouet of the artist is indicated. He doesn't work from a frontal point of view, but from the go here. He encounters everything - even the most futile and apparently insignificant: Shops Angel Vergara always studies exchanges of time and space and creates places that are connected with all sorts of exchanges.

Casino toulouse supermarché opens click at this page, a grocery, an ice-cream parlour, an exchange office The interior never looks exclusive, but somehow retro and used. It looks as if it has always been there.

The space already existed and was mostly used as a space for arts. In the Belgian House of Cologne he installed a 'Supermarket of the Year', where only apples with all their libidinous symbolics were for sale. It looks a bit like a brutal expropriation, that criticizes commercial tendencies within the visual arts.

Guillaume Bijl also transformed galleries into another business. Angel Vergara however goes beyond the trompe-l'oeil effect. The interventions are what they pretend to be. This makes them even more critic. The viewer is integrated and has to react as such. The setting determines the atmosphere, but at the same time everything moves. Without the viewer as an active participant this art cannot exist. He can effectively consume and finds the prices on large, painted boards.

In the Casino brescia de la Galerie des Beaux-Arts in Brussels the prices of the drinks were indicated under the heading 'consumption'. As it is part of the art world, collectors and art lovers are also present.

Art is indeed a commercial good and has a casino toulouse supermarché. The amount of click at this page indicated under the heading 'exchange' offered a small bill with the mentioning of here time that the visitor had spent in the café.

The use of certificates is common in conceptual art, read more after all every business works with invoices. Total casino toulouse supermarché France bet casino toulouse supermarché doesn't explicitly present himself as an artist, but offers or organises all kinds of activities. Or casino toulouse supermarché makes notes and drawings that enrich later works.

It is a place for experiments casino toulouse supermarché a fixed statute. Also the statute of art is questioned here. The transformations can be read as a performance of a casino toulouse supermarché duration, an adventure, of which the process remains open. They also can be interpreted as a 'tableau vivant', where everyone more or less consciously participates. A phenomenological approach of reality is started off.

The interventions work into the consciousness and can stir up a casino toulouse supermarché sensibility for the everyday. The critical questionings contains all aspects of life: Angel Vergara joins the tradition of the 'Gesamtkunstwerk' and the spirit of Fluxus.

An exposition goes also beyond the limits of its space. Last year an entire city, Revin Ffunctioned as an exhibition space. The artist introduced a new currency, 'les Nanards', which was valuable everywhere.

On the notes was casino toulouse supermarché photograph of a local undertaker, the president of a local organisation of undertakers. A highly esteemed value, so-to-say, but a very local one. Here art was explicitely equated with money.

It was about real money, that at the same time differs from usual money and therefore creates a new relationship. The art also interacts continuously with its environment. The 'Chapellerie Haute' was an imaginary but real branch of a lovely old-fashioned hat store in the Brussels' Hoogstraat.

You could buy a hat or a hat with a newspaper. The artist made a drawing in it on the place and during the time that went together with casino toulouse supermarché hat. La condition humaine Newspapers and magazines are popular data carriers. Last year Angel Vergara edited a catalogue with all his realisations in the format of a 'revue-magazine', that he calls an 'objet de collection'.

Nowadays art hardly has repercussions on daily reality. Angel Vergara sharpens social consciousness. He grafts art onto the everyday and shakens it up thoroughly. The exhibition in the gallery of Sint-Lucas in Brussels is also at the service of casino toulouse supermarché neighbourhood.

It is spreat all over casino toulouse supermarché city and maybe even further away. A glass business is installed, an office and casino toulouse supermarché show room with painted windows, where you can order the window of your choice. Then the artist comes over to execute painting.

This store is called 'La condition humaine', like the paintings of Magritte with a painter's easel in front of a window. What the painting represents exactly coincides with the window view. Inside and outside become exchangable, but for all the confusion between reality and presentation is driven to extremes.

Around this confusion the work of Angel Vergara also moves.

Casino toulouse supermarché

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