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Or sign in with one of these services. By NickJune 18, in General Casino Stream Talk. I decided to have a little rant about Fake Casino Games Streamers on blog before i go away on my fake casino games. Well written Nick, I totally agree with you.

The most important thing is to be honest about what you do. I agree Nick its basically fraud if you are lying to the viewers in hopes of earning fake casino games from them watching. Its quite easy to see who the fake streamers are by there reactions and bet sizes. Most people with a brain cell will know weather there watching real cash from a real gambler being used. Or fako pretendo funds from a HACK just trying to rip people of for there own selfish benefit. Enjoy your hols buddy.

Yes  i agree with the guys above. Well written and important to make a stand. I hate the fake streamers they are worse than trolls to me! People are blinded by the betsize. Ridiculous bets and fake casino games these fake streamers make draw fake casino games making it a struggle to be a smaller streamer.

And we fake casino games can't do much about it, sadly. Of just click for source there are some who play bigger bets with real money, but not every day! Just checked this jarttu guys stream. He has a donation goal and people have donated hundreds to him. I really feel bad for the people who have donated and watch him. I just don't get it how can you not realize that he is just using casinos money and not really risking anything.

He is just scamming people by not risking go here money and getting donations and affiliate fake casino games. I mean it's so fucking obvious. If he can afford playing every day with huge fake casino games why would he have so much advertisement on his stream? Ridiculous bets and balances these fake streamers make draw viewers.

He has a donation goal and people have donated hundreds to him. Agreed on that bet size statement as that seems to be a draw. Nothing wrong with that higher bet size but it's obvious that many most even high rollers are playing with fake money and not disclosing it.

That makes it indeed a scam when they are misleading pl and profiting from it fake casino games making money by promoting the casino. Multilotto seems to be behind most and they've been known to contact streamers flat out asking them to play with fake money to promote the casino. Jarttu on the other hand used to be a small roller when I checked his fake casino games before.

Then he moved to playing on Multilotto so pretty easy to put one and one together. Fake casino games also bans folks from asking about the money he plays fake casino games, which is a dead give away in my book other fake money streamers seem to do this as well from what I've heard.

I've been letting my viewers know about the situation as best I can and Fake casino games reckon that's a good way fake casino games go about it. When one of these scammers streamer or casino comes up on chat I make sure fake casino games inform the viewers about what is going on. I'd avoid flat out calling any other streamer a cheat as that could result in yourself getting banned especially if you do not have hard proof.

Fake casino games would even play at Multilotto regardless of the situation Lol  teasing people into that shite casino There is a streamer under the immensely original name "Casino".

You basically have to deposit money - using his sign-up link to various Casinos - and hold your thumbs to feed the click to see more of this gangsta BTW thanks Alpacka for calling him out way back.

If anyone here objects, I will assist you with some evidence that will hopefully contradict your gullible ass. In my opinion, it is unethical beyond belief to try and trick fellow humans for personal gain. If someone says "Click on my link and deposit your hard earned money, so I can have a nice bite out of it! But when someone lies, the line has been crossed big time.

Karma is not gonna let these tricksters go haywire without someone calling them out. His reactions seem fake to me and his streams lack any tension which means he either doesn't care about the money or it;s play money. That's my opinion on it anyway but I haven't watched very often because I never rly liked the stream much. Why do you think he is fake? I agree that people streaming need to maintain a level of integrity for all of us who gamble online with real money.

The only way to find out if a site is legitimate is by research. Streamers are by far the best way to choose an online Casino to spend your hard earned cash. This is for fake casino games fake streamers. Yes, I felt the same that something was not right in the beginning.

If you search on who owns Casinorobot. I also found his profile on social media and a plethora of webpages that contained a referral link fest to körperliche j casino wie casinos and other markets that he owns. His social media pages on the other hand was filled fake casino games pics on him together with gold digger babes, yachts and Moet and Chandon bottles.

It seems like a lucrative business indeed. Browsed further and found him together with both Casinorobot AND Mr. These pics date way back before they even started their Twitch career. This firm has offices in both Sweden and Malta and operates under the brand Ribacka Group.

The owners also happen to be Casinorobots older brothers! My conclusion is that they have recruited Casinorobot since he was an avid fan of Twitch and together made their deals with shady casino affiliate managers. I mean, if CR is friends on Facebook with a guy who fake casino games server platform that hosts a casino network group, one should be slightly concerned what's really going on behind the scenes? These streamers are still active almost everyday, but their viewership numbers has dipped significantly.

Most likely due to when Casinorobot got exposed severeal times for fakin' it while getting drunk in a desperate attempt to attract people. So most viewers either feel like you did, or got the fake casino games that they did indeed faked their deposits and win reactions, They deposited about the same amount everyday and worked in shift to scam the slot management system. The thought of people fake casino games cheering these dudes on and supporting them by signing up and donating is sickening.

When they are actually lying for work and are just acting, deceiving and take people for being fools. Although obviously Casinorobot is not the real wolf of Malta. I mean I would most likely look up to my brothers too and follow them in their footsteps. Anyway I believe it is the communities responsibility to keep what they are passionate about clean and support the honest streamers  that put their fortune on the line.

Casino discussing future scamming businesses. In regards to LeoVegas previously no one knows the conversations between them fake casino games casino robot, how complicit they were and obviously streaming is relatively new and a good way to reach the target market directly so mistakes may have been made.

It also may be naïve to simply assume they went into previous partnerships with eyes closed. Fake casino games, I think it's fair to say since they have partnered up with Kim they seem to really be engaging with the community, offering good bonuses and the cash race looked amazing hopefully more fantastic work to come moving forward fake casino games more progress in righting any previous wrongs.

Leovegas clearly have made a huge effort to not let the past affect the future and I'm playing their regularly without any issues, great service and fast cash outs.

I don't have an inner working of this industry but I do believe anyone blatantly misleading people fake casino games donations and affiliate fake casino games should have their affiliate accounts In my opinion what Casino Robot and others are doing, perhaps not legally but by fake casino games is fraud and any casinos continuing to work with them once this information fake casino games disclosed should be tarred with the same brush as the "streamers" leading the façade.

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