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Smoke free casinos in las vegas MGM Resorts Quietly Makes Its Vegas Hotels Non-Smoking Smoke free casinos in las vegas

Smoke free casinos in las vegas

For an update, skip to the bottom of this post. MGM Resorts operates what amounts to roughly half the major resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. The MGM Resorts hotels in Las Vegas that no longer offer smoking rooms are: Monte Carlo, New York-New York, Aria and Circus-Circus. Luxor smoke free casinos in las vegas offering smoking rooms as of Jan. The Mirage is now non-smoking, as is MGM Grand. Excalibur is also now completely non-smoking.

Bellagio has just smoke free casinos in las vegas smoking-friendly floor remaining. Aside from smoking in their casinos, guests at non-smoking hotels can also do their tumor-facilitating thing in designed smoking areas outside. Reps at all the MGM Resorts hotels we called were forthright when asked about this subject. Second, sorry smokers, but this news is fairly awesome.

Smoking is one of the most disgusting things a person can connecticut casinos, surpassed only by French kissing a urinal cake at an asparagus convention. Make smoking less convenient, maybe people smoke less. Fortune egypt rooms have always been a bit of a sham, anyway.

Smoke, along with its associated chemicals, has been shown to travel from smoking rooms to non-smoking. Repairing cigarette-burned furniture has to be a cottage industry all its own in a town like Las Vegas. A definite benefit of the change, but not the reason for it. The random sample of Caesars Entertainment hotels we contacted say they still make smoking rooms available.

There are already a number of smoke-free hotels in Las Vegas, but until now few, if any, had casinos. Visit our friends at Vegas Solo for a solid list.

The overall trend of hotels banning smoking truly came into its own in Will smokers go out of their way to find the few remaining smoking-friendly accommodations? MGM Resorts is making a dramatic statement by transitioning its Las Vegas hotels to non-smoking, and we suspect others will follow suit.

Thanks to our friends at Royal Flusher and Vegas Message Board for keeping us abreast of this topic, and for their unfiltered opinions about non-smoking hotels in Las Vegas. Because we made it through this entire blog post without a smoking pun, so cut us a break, already. Since our smoke free casinos in las vegas story, MGM Resorts resorts in Las Vegas more info virtually all gone non-smoking in their rooms.

Excalibur has also joined the ranks of resorts with all non-smoking rooms. As we wrote earlier, Luxor is also now completely non-smoking.

MGM Grand is also now completely non-smoking in its hotel rooms. Bellagio has gone from seven smoking floors to one, and Mandalay Bay has just two floors of smoking-friendly betting tips the 10th and 61st. This is great news. People said it would NEVER happen here, and it did…smokers just learned click the following article adapt or quit.

You asked the reasonable question in your post about whether this would increase or reduce business. I walk away from Black Jack tables at least once a day during my trips to Vegas due to someone lighting up a cigarette or cigar.

Since CA casino are located on Indian Reservation land they are except from the state smoking laws. True, but not my point. The point was that the casinos here smoke free casinos in las vegas no smoking sections of the casinos and Vegas will likely go to this model sometime reasonably soon.

It would be fairly easy to implement at the large properties like MGM and Caesars. Obviously MGM resorts will save money as demonstrated in this article but where does it end? Think about some of the very very heavy couples you see in Vegas.

How much must their bed be able to cope with? What does that sort of bed cost? Who campaigns for them? Yes smoking is bad but let it fade away or complain about ALL nasty practises. OR campaign against all anti social habits. That is a pretty ridiculous comparison.

Well if the obese are standing to close and have a heart attack, they might fall on top of you and suffocate you? You have smoke free casinos in las vegas greater chance to get lung cancer from Radon gas, BBQ smoke, car exhaust, and camp fires then you do from second had smoke. Statistically speaking you have a better chance of getting cancer from eating red meat then you do from actually being a smoker. You have zero chance of getting cancer from inhaling some second hand smoke the two times a year you visit Vegas.

You missed the point Http:// was making. Casinos will make money by stopping smoking rooms. They would also make money by stopping oversized visitors for the reasons I gave. Finally, I agree you cannot catch cancer from an obese person but you try sitting next to an oversized, obese man for 5 hours, next time you fly!

A vile practise that United allow. You breathe in more toxins commuting to work. As stated in another comment, I fully expect Vegas casinos to designate non-smoking sections the immediate future.

This is a solution that satisfies the most people. She went from two packs a day to zero in a day. She just up and quit. I was in h. My dad did the same thing. He smoked five packs a smoke free casinos in las vegas, he drove all day and it was one smoke after another. After his heart attack the doctor told him to quit or die, he never picked up another because his life smoke free casinos in las vegas family was worth more than a smoke.

I have no problem with the MGM decision about getting rid of smoking rooms. Smoke free casinos in las vegas long as its voluntary and dictated by the government. I have to concur about this possibly being part of their plans to generate more revenue. In the past, some hotels simply ignored the fact that they had non-smoking rooms and if a smoker was assigned a non-smoking room and wished to smoke, they could simply ask for an ashtray.

In addition, there were cigarette burns on some of the furniture. Such a lovely environment! Wish I had known at the Venetian and cannot walk through hotel lobby without wheezing from smokethe smoke smell is even in our rooom are there casinos in new orleans all rooms are suppose smoke free casinos in las vegas be smoke free.

I work in a non-smoking casino. Everyone said we would not make money not allowing smokers smoke on the floor, well we do well. We have out door smoking areas and even put slots in those areas. I want to move to Vegas but I think it would be hard to work in a smoking casino, horseshoe casino london all that smoke blown in smoke free casinos in las vegas face.

Las Vegas used to have a couple of of non smoking casino. In a few years it might work since the number of smokers is declining. I remember when Fitzgeralds now The D made the second floor casino area smoke-free. It was so nice to play slots without cigarette smoke drifting into your face. Even though I am a smoker I always get a non smoking room. The stench from the smoke is terrible. Since most rooms do not have windows that open the smoke cannot escape and seeps into the carpet and beeding.

I only smoke when i drink i only do smoke free casinos in las vegas in the casino. I remember des gratis slotmaschinen überlegene restaurants had smoking sections. I would ask for a table in the non smoking section…smoke ruins the taste of food.

While second hand cigarette smoke does not bother me in the casino. Hotels that have smoking rooms are almost always on the top floors. I guess that way its less likely to seep into other floors since smoke rises. Just spoke to a reservation agent at MGM Grand is LV. She tells me they are going non-smoking as of the 1st of the year also, as well as Mirage. So guessing ALL of MGM hotels will non smoking very soon.

It really is only a matter of time until lighting a tobacco product on fire and inhaling the fumes is banned by the FDA. I have never understood how a known carcinogen is still allowed for sale in the United States. According to the CDC, only So, the other It is my hope that within my lifetime smoking is banned. Believe me, you want that too. You obviously have no idea the scope of things that are classified as carcinogens. You and every other control freak are no different then the first group in the modern age to attempt to ban smoking NAZI party.

She smiles at me broadly, a queen of hearts hurtling my way, photos of happy gamblers drinking and winning as they always do in these things. But this wasn’t just.

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