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Ste pozabili svoje geslo? Ustvarite si ga tu! The unibet open 2016 day of the Unibet Open Copenhagen Main Event started at noon with still 16 players in contention. It didn't take long to widdle that unibet open 2016 to a final table of nine as even unibet open 2016 the clock struck 4 it was down to just nine players.

The final day took a total of 10 unibet open 2016 a half hours to unibet open 2016. Before some players had even taken their seats at noon, Tutku Halim Kara had already been eliminated. He was soon joined online bedste casino the rail by Johan Goslings.

The Dutchman, who bubbled the last event in Malta, ran sevens into nines and couldn't come from behind. Before the first half unibet open 2016 had passed, only 11 players remained. From there on out, though, things didn't go as fast. From 11 to the final table of 9 took several levels, with players opting to fold big hands and keeping pots small instead of applying the pressure and blowing up confrontations.

Unibet Open regular Soren Blanner became the player to bubble the final table. He got it in with unibet open 2016 against sevens and saw a seven hit the turn.

With 9 players remaining, a single table was formed and the official final table photo source taken. Soon after, the first two players busted in the same hand.

Rune Thomsenwithout a doubt the most animated player at the table, unibet open 2016 it in with queens and got called by Robin Sevastik before Alexandru Dan Nistor shoved over the top for a little more with ace-queen. Sevastik called and knocked them both out when he made a flush on the turn. It took some time before the table got slimmer again. Again it would be two players busting, this time in back unibet open 2016 back hands.

Patrick Coughlinthe sole American, lost a unibet open 2016 flip with king-queen against tens and Srdan Andric followed not much later when he didn't find any help with his combo draw against the set of Daniel Wittikko. Wittikko, who had been a bit tight, even folding ace-king pre-flop to a single raise at one point, felt more at ease in the role of chip leader and it showed.

With half of the final table consisting of online qualifiers and at least one of them playing his first ever live event, play unibet open 2016 sometimes tight in spots where one unibet open 2016 not expect it.

Ace-king disappeared in the muck three times before the flop, casino resort niagara fallsview limp-folded unibet open 2016 suited 4-handed was shown and several pots that could easily have ended up in huge all ins finished in small pots. It took some time for the next player to make his departure.

Lasse Haagensen would be the unlucky one making his exit in 4th place after losing ace-ten to king-queen. Robin Sevastik followed him out the door. Where other unibet open 2016 played conservatively, he had no problem calling all in with king-three against a very aggressive Joni Liimatta who was trying to abuse the tight play.

Sevastik was ahead against the jack-ten of Liimatta but the jack on the turn unibet open 2016 doom for him. Evgueny Ievkovan online qualifier and start of day chip leader, ended his first ever live event in 3rd place. The heads up match between the very aggressive Joni Liimatta and Daniel Wittikko didn't last long.

After some shoving without calls, it was eventually Wittikko getting it in good with ace-nine against the king-nine of Liimatta. A king on the flop and river was enough to hand all the chips to Joni Liimatta and Wittikko had to settle for second. Unibet open 2016 next Unibet Open on the schedule is Unibet Open Bucharest December 1 through 4, PokerNews will be on unibet open 2016 floor for live coverage of that event as unibet open 2016, so try to qualify for that event right now and be part of the Season 9 finale of the most fun poker tour in Europe.

Alexandru Dan Nistor Daniel Wittikko Evgueny Ievkov Henrik Rune Johan Goslings Joni Liimatta Lasse Haagensen Patrick Coughlin Robin Sevastik Rune Thomsen Soren Blanner Srdan Andric Tutku Halim Kara. Daniel Wittikko opened his button forand action was on Joni Liimatta. Liimatta shoved all in, putting the pressure on Wittikko who decided to call for his 2. Wittikko was in prime position to double up, but the flop didn't do him any good: The on the turn was a unibet open 2016 and the even made things worse.

Daniel Wittikko Joni Liimatta. Joni Liimatta was once again pushing the unibet open 2016, applying the pressure with this time shoving all in. Evgueny Ievkov, who had folded big hands before, didn't want to get away from and called.

Again the dealer didn't showboat and rapidly dealt the board: Just like that, the tournament was heads up. Evgueny Ievkov Joni Liimatta. Joni Liimatta, having seen people fold big hands a lot, put the pressure on pushing all in with.

Robin Sevastik wasn't into folding as much as some others, though, click to see more called with. The board came and with the jack on the turn, Liimatta eliminated his opponent. Robin Sevastik Joni Liimatta. Evgueny Ievkov raised toholding and saw Joni Liimatta push with.

Ievkov tanked for a bit before open folding his ace-king. From first position, Lasse Haagensen raised toholding. Joni Liimatta next to him with the three-bet toEvgueny Ievkov folded and action was back on Haagensen.

He shoved all in for 1. Liimatta asked for a count and called. Haagensen had gotten it in good but the board ran out and he had to make his click at this page from the event. Evgueny Ievkov Joni Liimatta Lasse Haagensen.

Joni Liimatta raised towith and Daniel Wittikko three-bet toholding. Evgueny Ievkov woke up with and shoved all in for 1 million. Liimatta folded and Wittikko made the call saying "I have to call. The board ran out and Unibet open 2016 doubled. Evgueny Ievkov Joni Liimatta Daniel Wittikko.

Evgueny Ievkov got it in with against the of Robin Sevastik before the flop. What could have been an extremely exciting showdown, was done for extremely fast. The dealer rapidly put the board out: Evgueny Ievkov Robin Sevastik. Jasper Van Vlasselaer Eliminated. The Final Countdown; Who's Going to Win the Unibet Open Copenhagen? Evgueny Ievkov Leads Final 16 in Unibet Open Copenhagen Main Event.

Battle of the Rasmussen. The Wrath of Khan: Tostesen Eliminated, Ball's Stack Surging. The Back to Back Dream is Dead. William Hill je eno največjih igralniških podjetij na svetu. Če iščete spletno poker sobo z odličnim renomejem, potem je William Hill kot nalašč za vas! Britanski see more je eden največjih igralničarjev na svetu, ki se lahko pohvali s sila priljubljeno stavnico iz katere uporabniki pogosto zaidejo tudi na poker mize, kar je odlična unibet open 2016 za vse nas!

Piškotki nam pomagajo zagotoviti naše storitve. Z uporabo naših storitev se strinjate z našo uporabo piškotkov. V ŽIVO PokerNews Cup PokerNews Cup King's Casino Rozvadov. Na domačo stran Novice Igralci Poker Twiti Videoposnetki Strategija Poker izrazi Poker pravila Poker knjige Poker orodja Poker FAQ POKERNEWS PRIPOROČA DRŽAVNO PRVENSTVO Spletni poker POKER PROMOCIJE Pokernews promocije Brezplačni poker!!!

Poročanje v živo WSOP PokerStars EPT Slovenian Poker Challenge Državno prvenstvo WSOP PokerNews Challenge Bled Državno prvenstvo Eureka learn more here Nova Gorica Državno prvenstvo WPT Portorož PokerNews Challenge PokerNews Cup Forum. Za hitrejšo prijavo uporabite profil iz socialnega omrežja. Na domačo stran Poročanje v živo Seznam poker turnej Unibet Open Unibet Open Copenhagen Main Event Unibet Open Copenhagen Main Event.

Soren Blanner was devestated after bubbling the unibet open 2016 table With 9 players remaining, a single table was formed and the official final table photo was taken. Ievkov fist pumped on the turn, making his ace kicker play. Evgueny Ievkov Leads Final 16 in Unibet Open Copenhagen Main Event Jesse Grossegger Eliminated Niko Kilpelainen Eliminated Battle of the Rasmussen The Wrath of Khan: Gordon Plomp Eliminated Tostesen Eliminated, Ball's Stack Surging The Unibet open 2016 to Back Dream is Dead.

Ocene poker sob William Hill Poker William Hill je eno največjih igralniških podjetij na svetu. Najboljši vir za novice iz sveta unibet open 2016, recenzije in bonuse - PokerNews! Winner unibet open 2016 the Best affiliate in poker. Unibet open 2016 portala Kontakt Pravila o zasebnosti Opozorilo PokerNews MediaKit Kariera Pravila uporabe © PokerNews.

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Unibet Open Copenhagen 2016 Main Event Final Table Part 1

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